Hello! Thank you for your interest in REIGN: Budget Curation services. REIGN’s goal is to investigate your current personal finance details (including income, monthly bills, and debt) and create a personalized budget for the success of your personal finance goals. A personalized monthly budget is the foundation of financial success. It’s a plan for your expenditures, to tell your money where to go and how it should act. Thus, budget curation is a phrase coined to describe the act of organizing and managing your personal monthly budget, so that you no longer have to experience the feeling of money mismanagement and the loss of control in your personal finances. We get the ball rolling for you to actually do what you want to do with your money, whether it’s to get out of debt, save for a home, travel the world, or truly live out your passion and purpose without the woes of financial strain. The heart of REIGN is for individuals to get out of any debt for the freedom to live the lives they are purposed to live and give for others. 


The first step to partaking in REIGN: Budget Curation services is to schedule a consultation. If you are reading this welcome statement, you are considering or moving forward with the start of our 45 or 75–minute phone consultation to discuss your personal finance needs. The consultation is designed to discuss the necessary starting points for organizing and managing your money or discussing the initial steps for REIGN to start your budget curation process. For the consultation’s success, you will need to have necessary figures in hand, including your monthly income (or lowest possible monthly income if you have irregular income), ALL monthly bills, and ALL monthly debt listed concisely. From here, we are able to discuss your financial goals and direct you to strategies that will assist you in improving your current personal financial situation.


To begin our consultative and budget curation services, choose one of our consultation appointments on the SHOP page or begin your your full debt curation process immediately with the purchase of one of our packages. You will receive correspondence via email within 24 hours for any REIGN: Budget Curation service once purchase is completed.