April d. wesley, founder

Queenship Restored, LLC is a boutique lifestyle company with a goal of destroying societal boxes and embracing no limits for worth, purpose, creativity, and excellence. QR teaches through books based on Biblical truths, encourages through wearable goods, and inspires through art and our very own QR experiences. Commissioned artwork is a staple incorporation to each product offered through QR. It is a creative reminder that the life given to us by God, and all its experiences, is art, His masterpiece.

QR's second goal is to inspire and create QR experiences. A QR experience is a God-led experience of coming into who you are (in God) and identifying your unique passions and purpose He has created you for on this earth. For our founder, April D. Wesley, her QR experiences were identifying her passions for fine art, design, aesthetics, food/cooking, travel, finances, and digging deeper within the wisdom of God. This motivated the creation of Queenship Restored, LLC. QR has been called to be a resource of inspiration for everyone it encounters, so you too can identify your passions and enact them for purpose within the Kingdom of God. 

So, what will your QR experience(s) be? We hope that through QR, you will be taught, encouraged, and inspired to live a restored and purposed life of fullness as God's royalty.