Valentine's Day Wisdom

QR Founder, April D. Wesley

QR Founder, April D. Wesley

It wasn't my plan to post anything about Valentine's Day, but I have been prompted to do so, so here goes: 

Many of you might not know this but this is my 7th or 8th Valentine's Day being single or "alone." I'm not telling you this to feel sorry for me or make you think I'm some sort of master at being single on Valentine's Day, but I just have a feeling that someone is really struggling today, losing hope or are just genuinely frustrated with their relationship status. 

This commercial day prompts you to think that if you're not snuggling with someone surrounded by roses and chocolate in heart boxes that you're not loved, a failure in relationships, or not desirable altogether. There are so many angles to discuss either one of these points, but my first response is that I've definitely been in a relationship on Valentine's Day and still felt very alone. There are even married people on this very day that may be sitting in the presence of one another and still feel very alone and not loved. This proves that receiving and accepting love is a position of the heart. It is attained at a higher level than gifts or the presence of a physical person. Love is a reassurance within your heart that you are complete and whole by something that is bigger than you or another person. It is very parallel with the concept of faith, the assurance of things not seen (even in the physical). A day cannot make you feel love, a relationship cannot make you feel loved, and gifts surely cannot make you feel loved. 

Many people don't feel loved, whether single or married, because they identify love as simple expressions (gifts, time spent, etc). I'm not saying that anything is wrong with those that give these expressions, but the advertisement of them has simplified what love really is. God, the Creator of love, is the only one that can give, teach, and show us the most pure form of it. With that being said, He is exactly the One to whom we should desire love from and be filled by.

Having a mate or someone significant to share love with is a privilege here on this earth, but a lifetime guarantee in receiving it is not guaranteed for any of us (whether single or married.) We must be in love, complete, and whole through Jesus Christ alone before we are able to rightly join with another (by God) so we won't pervert or misuse His intentions for love. 

The reason you may be "alone" today is so that you have the opportunity to learn what love really is (1 Corinthians 13) and not be confused as the rest of the world is. Receive this day as an opportunity to redirect your focus on God's love and your fulfillment of it. Also, God wants you to know that your worth is so much more than what you are trying to discount it for. Being alone right now gives you a free space and clear mind to understand who you are and what you've been called to do. 

So, when you're no longer "alone," you will already know who you are and most importantly what love really is. Having a significant other or spouse is for purpose! Love drives it, but it should be sourced first on the individual level from God. He is the only one that will ever (whether single or married) fulfill your desire for love completely.

-A QR (Queen Restored) 

Queenship Restored