"Severing Soul Ties" Book

"Severing Soul Ties" Book


Do you feel stuck or bound to something or someone in your life, so much so that you cannot move forward in identifying and living within your God-given purpose? Do you feel stagnant or reluctant because of your previous or current life choices, associations, or relationships? Does your life, soul, or spirit feel tied to or weighed down by something or someone, not allowing you to become all that God has created you to be? Does your fleshly desires drive your life instead of the Spirit of God? 


If so, you're probably experiencing consequences of soul ties. Ungodly soul ties are the enemy's tactic to keep you bound to this world, unfruitful, and without fulfillment of your purpose. Fortunately, through a righteous relationship with God, we have the opportunity to be eternally free from people, ideals, positions, roles, tasks, material possessions, and even our own insecurities that have kept us bound to mediocrity. Our soul ties can be severed if we stop relying on our own strength and start relying on God's strength through Jesus Christ.  


This book is for the person who wants to identify the Truth about soul ties, is tired of living bound to them, and desires to be eternally severed from every type of soul tie. God is calling you to start, stay consistent in, and complete the process of "Severing Soul Ties!"



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